Friday, January 16, 2009

DAD in Real Life

This is one of the best movies of all time I love it. Since I have had Oakleigh I think I have watched it at least 25 times... It is a movie I could never tire of. It makes me laugh cry and most of all it makes me think of my Daddyo. I'm not sure why whether it be that I think my dad looks like Steve Carell a little or if it's his personality or the way he is whith his daughters I'm not sure. But watching this movie makes me feel like I'm at home with my dad. I think I am most like Kara in this movie the second oldest daughter I have a lot of passion for life in General and that also makes me laugh in this movie because she is so Ridiculous, ANYWHO I love you dad. i'm not sure if you ever look at these things but I love you . Thanks for raising us right and for being "tough" on us when you needed to. Especially when I got "Passionate" about something whether it be carrying my duck around the nation (OH MY GOSH) or dragging me telling I'm tough and could finish our 3 mile Run... Thanks Dad I love you so much the Whole Sky Many

Thursday, January 8, 2009


THis is pretty sweet could be a cool post to see how everyones perince has gone... It's amazing how different everyone's experience is...
Iput it on here twice one is mine and one is to make it easy to cut and paste:)

1- Where were you when you first found out you were pregnant? About to hop in the shower on a Sunday Morning
2- Who was with you? Just ME
3- How did you find out that you were pregnant? A dollar store Pregnancy Test it worked!!!
4- What was your first reaction to finding out you were pregnant? Holy S**t that was my thought it worked!!!! I cried for a second and then got in the shower
5- Who was the first person you told? My Husband I was trying to hide it cause I wanted to wait until Christmas but it was a week away and I couldn't wait any longer
6-Did you plan to get pregnant? Kind of... We really didn't think it would happen so fast.
7- Did you tell everyone else right away? No we waited for Christmas
8-Was everybody happy for you? Yea Way Happy especially my side of the family it was grand baby number one
9- Did you go out and celebrate? nope stayed home to celebrate if you know what Imean;)
10- Did you want to find out the sex? YES
11- What was the sex? BABY GIRL
12-Did anyone throw you a baby shower? Yes my sisters threw me a shower a breafast one it was so cute and then after she was born my mom through me another one for the ladies in my home ward
13- If yes, who? Already answered on 12
14- Did you get any outfits at the baby shower that you just knew you weren't going to put on your baby?NO I got the cutest stuff
15- How much weight did you gain? 43 Freakin pounds I was a balloon
16- Did you lose all of the weight that you gained? Yes lost all and 10 more pounds I have so much more to lose though
17- Did you get a lot of stretch marks? Yes my stomach looks like a baracooda got to it
18- What did you crave the most? SMOOTHIES
19- Did you crave anything crazy? NO
20- Who or what got on your nerves the most? Myself throwing up and Peeing my pants EEEK!!!
21- Were you married at the time? Yes
22- Did you have any complications during your pregnancy? Throw up, achne (so cute) heart burn swelled body what a treat pregnancy is
23- Where were you when you went into labor? At home playing games we were supposed to be at church oops but we watched Willow with some friends and then we were playing games
24- Did your water break? No they broke it at the hospital
25- Who drove you to the hospital? RYAN he is such a good man
26- Did you go early or late? One day late from my due date
27- Who was in the room with you when you gave birth? My adorable hubby Ry, my sweet Mick my twin drove all night to be there and my unbelievable big sis Steph I wish my mom would have been in the room she was hiding behind the curtain she had gone home to shower and I didn't know she was back yet. Right after my amazing mother in law and my cute sis in Law Kiss and my great father in law
28- How long were you in labor for? hard labor 15 1/2 hours of hard labor 5:30 pm to 9:06 am the next day
29- Did you have any drugs for the pain? HE** yes after about ten hours of one min apart some lasting up to fifteen min long I threw in the towel
30-Did you go Natural or have a c-section? Natural w/ epiderhal Kind of it din't really work I felt everything
31- What was your first reaction after giving birth? I'm done and my baby is beautiful and OUCH!!!
32- Did your Husband cry?Yes but quietly sssshhhh he's a tough guy (so cute)
34- What did you name the baby(s)? OAKLEIGH RAE
35- Does her name have any significant meaning? Leigh comes from my Daddyo and My twinner mick, Rae is my middle name
36- Did you have any visitors? Lots of visitors,my mother and father in law, the first was Rachel and Jake whole I was eating Breakfast and Ry was holding Oak, then John and April, Scott and Becky, My mom and Dad, Berk, Dr. Simister came by with his family, Shell and kiss came back brought me a chai tea the best and some great presents for us, all the girls from my office so sweet If I missed anyone I'm sorry I hope I didn't but i was kind of tired
37- Did the baby(s) have any complications? No she came out perfect
38- How old is your baby today? Almost five months old she is getting so big
39- When is the next one(s) coming? YEARS PROBABLY
40-If you could, would you do it all over again? In a heart beat if hey are anything like our sweet Oakleigh

I tag Annie, Rachel Tatum, Kim Cooper, Sarah Shultz,and any one else who's blog i can't get to cause you went Private DUMB!!! :)