Thursday, December 31, 2009


What a wonderful Christmas it has been this year...
We started it all by meeting at Deyton's Graveside to wish him a merry christmas. it was really neat. Klay prayed, Rance sang, Derek and Kiss both shared their thoughts and then they gave each of us a picture of Deyton,then Cassidy and Adam gave them a book that we all had written things about Deyton and the time that we all got to be with him. Kiss shared a poem that a boy had written write before he died of cancer and it was about this boy sharing Christmas with Jesus. Deyton we sure miss you and love you. I wish we could have watched you open your presents this year and watch you light up and smile as your mom showed you the lights and jingles each toy made. As I watched the other kids ( all of your cousins) I thought of you. I can only imagine how your mommy and daddy felt. And even though they miss you so much. How proud they are that you get to spend Christmas with Jesus this year...

Christmas this year was at Ry's mom and dads this was christmas eve.
We had a dinner that is a Tradition at Grandma and Grandpa Wrights house which is a fondue dinner and then we cleaned it all up and opened Jammies and then we had a talent show Oak danced I have video of it but it won't import to my computer still have to figure that one out and then we went around and looked at the light anticipating Santa's Arrival it was a great Christmas eve...

What could be better than Popcorn and Christmas Jams...

Surprise Jammies

Ry loves them!!! Jordan Jams

More Pictures of Christmas to come. But for now we are headed up north to Help Mick and Brade move into their new home. HaPpY NeW YeAr EvErYoNe!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas to us... Let the posting Begin!!!

So We saved all our moneys and we are getting big stuff for Christmas this year... SO exciting we got a camera... Because the one from Ry's mission well it got honey in it I let oak play with it... oops:(
But she is not allowed to play with this one. it's so nice and we are so excited to take pictures again... With out a wind up camera... Neat

A Tender Picture

This is such a sweet picture of my mom. I was looking through the pictures of Oak being born and this one brought tears to my eyes. I didn't even know she was there until after Oak was born(my mom). She had gone home to shower made it home and had a feeling to come right back. She watched Oak be born but kind of behind a curtain. I said I was so sorry because I thought she had missed it all but she said I was in the perfect spot just where I needed to be. She explained it just the way I can imagine it will be when and if I get to watch my daughter have a baby. Never wanting them to feel pain or heart ache or sorrow. It's a pain that you can't understand until you have been through it and it's a pain you can't take away or help that person stop feeling until it's done. She said all I wanted to do was to take that pain away from you and I couldn't. She just cried... I love you mom this picture is so tender because you can see the love and joy in her face.