Friday, November 13, 2009

It's about time...

It has been a crazy few weeks I don't have a camera but I'm still going to post a little something. I am loving this time of year the smells of Pumpkin spice and baked goods the colors of the leaves the weather is getting colder which means cute hoodies.
My Oaks is getting bigger every minute she is just growing up.A lot lately I have been thinking about baby #2 and when is the best and RIGHT time for us to start trying again NO TIME SOON but at least it's a thought for me and that is progress...
But baby #1 is keeping me plenty busy. I have been working a lot lately but every second I can be with her I just am loving it. Her newest thing these days is going to drive me crazy though. We have to make sure all the doors are closed to the Bathroom because she loves to play in the potty little hands in the toilet flickering about!!!
The other night I was washing my face and she snuck in and she had gone over to the toilet so mid face wash soap in my eyes and all I ran over to get her out not only were her little cute pudggy hands in the potty but in that little hand was MY RETAINER!!!
Can you believe it!!! Sick so I quickly took it out of her hands closed the lid I couldn't help but laugh and proceeded to sanitize my retainer to no end SICK!!!
Thanks Oaks for the added protein to my retainer. Kids do the Darndest things.