Sunday, June 20, 2010

HaPpY FaThErS DaY!!!

Happy Fathers Day...
I first of all would like to talk about Ryan the Father of my children the LEADER of our home. He is such a great dad... I don't think I tell him enough just how thankful I am for him.
- He never looses patience.
- He loves Oakleigh unconditionally
- He reads her stories in really funny accents whether it be a leprochaun or a cowboy
- He calls her gorgeous
- He never wants Oak to get dirty especially when her hair is done and she looks cute
- He snuggles her even when he is so tired
- He tickles her and plays with her
- He changes her bum even the poopie ones
- He is really good when he sees me about to break down he just takes over
- He sings to Oak I love when I catch him singing in Japanese to her

Ry is such a great dad to Oak and will be such a great dad with all the rest of our kiddos when they come to our family.
I am one Lucky Gal to have Ryan in my life and so Is Oak...
I know he will always provide, lead, and guide our family.
I love you BF
Love, SF

To My daddy-0,
Thank you for raising me the very best way you knew how. Thank you for coaching me, teaching me, guiding me, pushing me when I wanted to quit, thank you for being me friend, Thank you for everything dad. I love you..

To Rys dad,
Thank you for raising a great son... Thank you for your example, thank you for your kindness and for always being willing to help us out... Thanks for always adjusting my back for your words of advice and for your words of comfort
Love you

To my heavenly Father,
I am crying as I thank my heavenly father in my heart, for the opportunity to come to this world, to know who I am, to have a family, to grow, to gain a testimony, to have choices, To return again to him someday. Thank you heavenly father for all I am learning and for the love you show me...

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Ry and I had a really fun night last night with Shelle, Klay, Kiss and Derek. We decided to go to Vegas and go to Dicks restaurant (they drop the silverware on the table and throw the napkins in the air so you have to grab them, the waitress was a b*tch, they put funny hats on you that say crude things, the waitress pulled my hair hard, she yelled at ryan, some drunk old lady flashed some guy, it was wild in there, they of course told us we were boring because we weren't drinking ha ha. It was all in good fun I think they could of had a little bit more fun with us but as soon as we didn't order drinks that was it... Ha ha but it was fun to just watch all the people in there. We were going to go to the show but ended up just walking around it was a lot of fun... GOOOOOD TIMES!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Linc's blessing Day

This was on Linc's blessing day it was so special I'm sure mick will be posting all the details so I won't share other than I thought it was perfect the way they did the whole thing. We were so thankful to be a part of it. I put oak in this white dress after the blessing was over so I could get a picture of both Linc and Oak for Grandpa for fathers day but boy that didn't work we put Linc in Oaks arms on a chair and man when she was done she about threw him off the chair off of her lap. I love holding Linc he is just so cute and so sweet and I think Oaks gets a little Jealous it will be interesting when baby number 2 comes to the Wrights house. Oh boy...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Little Update...

It has been a while since I have posted anything at all and my camera is at my mother in laws but I thought I would still update a little on what is going on in our lives.
Ry is the best he has been working so hard at his job and they just love him over there. He is getting ready for a big Fourth of July breakfast that hi is in charge of. He is going back to school in the fall that should be a whole lot of fun I am just excited for him to get going so that we can move on with our lives. We just received a new calling as Nursery leaders and most sundays it Tests my patience but I know there is a reason that we are in there. We have ten little ones that are in our class some weeks more and they are new to Nursery Just leaving mom for the first time so it is a treat to have them in our class. I am finally figuring out what works and what keeps them happy... I have a few more tricks up my sleeves. For any of you that are nursery leaders though I would love any ideas that you might have.
We have been working out at this Gym called CROSS FIT and we are loving it. Not a day goes by that I am not sore. I get nervous before we go and then it's intense and I LOVE IT... Ry is getting stronger and way lean he looks so smokin hot I just love him. His confidence is up and he is just so cute about it all. he is sure an athlete though I hope our kids take after him.
Oaks is the sweetest girl in the world and getting bigger everyday. I am so proud of her she loves to do puzzles these days and tell me the noises the animals make. She is stinkin funny she will bonk herself on the head and say bum or bonk and throw her head back and laugh... She thinks she is quite the comedian. She loves to dance, she will put her hands on the ground and put her leg up in the air behind her it is so dang cute. She keeps doing an underbite with her mouth that stresses me out we tell her show me a good bite and she will bite normal so hopefully it won't be permanent eek. She is talking like crazy, watches movies and sings ariel's song, loves having her toe nails painted, putting on shoes she gets them on the right feet most of the time, she walks her dolls all over the house in a little stroller, and sings ssh ssh ssh to them and pats there back, loves fruit snacks and juice, knows all of her body parts, loves to go swimming but she doesn't want mom to help her in the pool which she quickly learns as I let her go for a split second and she starts to go under water she quickly grabs on to mom and realizes she can't swim just yet but she sure tries, she really likes playing with her cousins, playing like we are airplanes in the grass, cooking with mom, reading stories especially the ones where you open the little flaps and have to find whats inside, bubbles, makeup, doing my hair, She is all girl and I just love it. Enough for now I need to go and do the laundry and the boy next door is keeping Oaks awake by playing the drums. I know your all jealous that we have a band next door. Oh Boy!!!