Wednesday, February 25, 2009

{Oakleigh Lovin'}

Our sweet girl... we love her SO MUCH! She is such a good baby, and has been so much fun. She can roll over, and all over the place for that matter. She says "ma", and eats her rice like a big girl. She loves giving kisses, pulling hair, and definitely knows who her Mommy & Daddy are! She loves to read stories and tell them too, likes to grab her feet/toes, scoots all around, and even growls (like Darth Vador) kidding.

Congrats to Ry's sister Krystal & Derek; her and Derek found out yesterday that they are having a BOY...we are so excited for the 2 babies that will be joining the Wright clan this summer (Shane & Emilee's too)!!! Congrats you two! And Happy Birthday to Derek...big 27!

We have been just living it up lately; Ry keeps busy with his job and I work a few days a week at the Ortho office. We are blessed in so many ways! Ry is such a great Daddy to our little bug, she sure loves him:) (Here's our girl at the dollar store with Mom- she's excited about Easter!)

Sorry for delaying the update- love to you all!!!