Saturday, May 23, 2009

WhO's hAvIn a BiRtHdAy???

A letter to my mom:
Happy Birthday Mommy,
I never knew how great of a mother I had until I became a mom myself. And I realize how truly BLESSED I am to have you in my life. I have gained a respect and love for you mom beyond any other. I have no idea how you do what you do. And you do it with a smile on your face. Never complaining. You are so selfless. Always putting us kids and dad before yourself. i always wondered why you never sat down to watch a movie with us growing up and mom now I know. It's because you were taking care of all of us. Whether that mean balancing a check book, doing laundry, dishes, reading to us, making our lunches, putting all the things away that we left out, or whatever else it might have been. Thank you mom. Also I thought every girl had a relationship with their mother and through the years I have seen that, that just isn't so. I am so thankful I have a great relationship with you. Your one of my very best friends mom. I can come to you for anything and you fix it. You listen for hours. and I can always tell that you are truly interested and are listening. It means a lot to me. There are so many times when I get frustrated or there is something with Oak that I don't know what to do and you always have the right answer. I hope that your birthday is a wonderful day. I miss you so much. I'm sad I can't be there on your birthday to give you a hug, to get you breakfast in bed, to watch you open all your fun presents, and to watch the movie that you get from your presents :) your the best. We all love you... HAPPY BIRTHDAY. A package is coming to you in the mail sorry It's late but I know you'll like it...
Love Mandi Ryan and Oak

Sunday, May 17, 2009

OuR wEeK... CRAZY!!!

So Oak had it that day. I think this was one of the long days at the office and we had just gotten out of the tub. I put her jams on and we were about to eat dinner and her little head just started bobbin' I would feed her a bite and her head would fall it was so funny I just kept laughing it was so cute. Thanks Oaks for being a TROOPER.

So it's been quite the week. Starting wth the beginning. We were told on Monday that two of the owners would be coming over to the office. Boy were we not prepared for what was instore. They came in and completely changed our office. I was there for fifteen hours. Tuesday 11 hours. Total this week I think was 63 hours of being at the office. I feel extremely blessed to have my job. BUT SERIOUSLY... I have felt like the worst mom. Because my job is paperwork and if it's not correct then the guys don't get paid so it;s really stressful. So sometimes I feel like I can;t be watching her every second then I look at the clock and she has been sitting there for an hour. Entertaining herself then I'll look down at her and she'll want me to hold her. so I do. But then I have to work again and she gets sad. it breaks my heart. So I have been going at five in the morning to get it done. So I can be a good mom and it's worked ok until another HEAD guy came in and yet again switched the office one of the OA's got fired so now there are just two of us again. Which means longer hours but it's ok I just have to remind my self it's just for the summer!!! It will pay off!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009



I guess we will start with Easter... So Oak and I were headed back from wal mart and saw a sign for bunnies for Easter. Boy was I tempted to get one for Ry for Easter Just to be funny well. The not so funny thing is what would have happened to the cute little bunny after Easter... Ry would have had a little Target practice so instead we just went and held the Bunnies.

The morning of the BIG Easter Egg HUNT... Word to the Wise and Foolish
We weren't laughing at the time but we got over it...

Pictures of my two favorites...

My Sweet Girl She is so CUTE

Ry got his braces off right before we came out to TEXAS doesn't he look so good?
Um I love it... He has such a great smile.

This is just outside of our apartment in TEXAS...

So I have a new job in the Office for AMP Alarm. And I needed something to entertain Oakleigh because she was getting tired of trying to get my attention for hours on end. I have now started to go at 5 to 6 in the morning so I can spend time with Oak but anywho so I was looked for and Exer Saucer but they are expensive well my Mom suggested for us to go look at Kid to Kid (THANK YOU MOM) and I went in and there was the PERFECT toy I even sat her in it while I looked at the clothes and she loved it. It was brand new one family had used it like twice and there baby was jsut to small for it and so they had brought it in that day. Luck y huh the Lord knew I needed a little help so I bought it for 42.00 bucks!!! Can you Believe IT!!!! SWEET!!! She can sit in it and walk all the way around it most of the time though she is RUNNING all the way around it. It is so cute to watch her and it makes me laugh...

I can't wait for you to see the next post but for now this is it. We are loving it here In TEXAS. Our ward is Fabulous. Some of the nicest people I have ever met. Great people with our company. Ry is working so hard. HE GOT THREE SALES ON SATURDAY
He is the best and is putting everything in to this job he can for our family. We are so proud of him.
Oak gets bigger everyday. She is crawling everywhere. Eating all kinds of things she is more excited about grown up food than her own food so I let her try most of it. and she loves it. She had bananas last night and loved that. She could eat all the pretzels in the world. She has two new teeth on top and they are so cute. She laughs all the time and wants to be with her mommy all day and then wants to snuggle daddy when he gets home. She get so excited when he comes home... She puts her little hand in fists and gets this intense face and then she smiles REAL big it is so FUNNY.. Ok so I have to go Blog hopping now so have a great day!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009


The Swine Flu thing has really been concerning me lately. Especially because five hours from us in Texas a little kid died. Last night Oak woke up at one in the morning she never does that any more. She was super warm and cheeks were all flushed. i geve her a bottle and layed her on my chest and was trying to get her to burp and then she started gagging. Then she would lay back down and then gag again it was really scary so I flipped on the lights and she jumps and is squinting her eyes. Still all smiles like always. I check and everything seems fine. I took her onesie off and put back on her jams and put her back to bed. I checked on her a few times for the next half hour and then fell back asleep. Until .... four am when she woke up again I fed her a little more bottle and then layed back down. I said a prayer hoping that nothing was wrong...
She's ok this morning so no pigs for us just a worried mom. I got to work this morning at six just to get a jump start on the day. and this email was in my inbox. It made me laugh so hard. Thanks rance for making my day...

Little spiritual note: If this swine flu really is going to be a big deal the prophet and prophets past have been telling us to be prepared for a while. ARE WE?
I wonder this all the time. Ry always wonders why I grab extra stuff at the store. I'm just trying to be PREPARED!!! Have a great day everyone and PREPARE.... and we shall not fear.