Saturday, May 23, 2009

WhO's hAvIn a BiRtHdAy???

A letter to my mom:
Happy Birthday Mommy,
I never knew how great of a mother I had until I became a mom myself. And I realize how truly BLESSED I am to have you in my life. I have gained a respect and love for you mom beyond any other. I have no idea how you do what you do. And you do it with a smile on your face. Never complaining. You are so selfless. Always putting us kids and dad before yourself. i always wondered why you never sat down to watch a movie with us growing up and mom now I know. It's because you were taking care of all of us. Whether that mean balancing a check book, doing laundry, dishes, reading to us, making our lunches, putting all the things away that we left out, or whatever else it might have been. Thank you mom. Also I thought every girl had a relationship with their mother and through the years I have seen that, that just isn't so. I am so thankful I have a great relationship with you. Your one of my very best friends mom. I can come to you for anything and you fix it. You listen for hours. and I can always tell that you are truly interested and are listening. It means a lot to me. There are so many times when I get frustrated or there is something with Oak that I don't know what to do and you always have the right answer. I hope that your birthday is a wonderful day. I miss you so much. I'm sad I can't be there on your birthday to give you a hug, to get you breakfast in bed, to watch you open all your fun presents, and to watch the movie that you get from your presents :) your the best. We all love you... HAPPY BIRTHDAY. A package is coming to you in the mail sorry It's late but I know you'll like it...
Love Mandi Ryan and Oak


T.I.D.S.A.H. said...

what a beautiful tribute to your mom, Mandi. It brought tears to my eyes, because I can totally relate, you never appreciate your mother to the fullest until you have had children of your own. Sure love and miss you. Love, Tonya

photography by Mikki said...

I look at this post once a day. Oak is the dang cutest thing and she needs to give me kisses- I miss her so bad!!!!! When can I come out there? I could just come for Sat. & Sun. but it would be so worth it to see you guys:)