Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Under Construction!!!

...PoLKa DoTs N PaTtErnS...
So For the past Few years I have been wanting to start a business.
I love to create and can't wait for YOU to see what I have made. I just got my business cards and my blog is in the works. So keep checking to see when it launches and look for the link coming soon!!!

Family Photos FINALLY!!!

MeEt OuR SwEet OakLeigH BuG

Meet Oakleigh... Our sweet girl is the cutest thing ever today she turned 7 weeks. She is full of cute noises lots of cooing, laughter, and she tries so hard to talk to us. It just melts our hearts. It is amazing and we love it!!! Motherhood is the greatest experience ever- I would not trade where I am at in my life for anything. I have the best, most supportive husband who by the way is so cute to watch with Oakleigh it is so sweet how protective he is of her, for example when we went to her two week appt. they had to prick her foot and she was crying so hard and Ry looked like he was going to knock the nurse out he was pissed that someone was hurting his little girl, i have the sweetest daughter who is healthy and so strongand a total light in our lives. I have a great job that I love, but am so torn that I have to leave my Oak for a few hours three times a week arrgh!!! hopefully not for to much long. Life is good I'm in a great place right now. Mick took these pictures she always does such a great job... But Oakleigh just makes these pictures just so darn cute... Here's the Wright Family... SO Far :)