Monday, March 9, 2009

ThIs iS sWeeT!!! lOOk wHat I gOt

SO never again will I not be a good blogger I promise I will update I promise my new business web site will be up soon I'm so excited I am finally an owner of a computer even since I was little I've wanted a computer we had the big huge ones with dial up and now look what I got . I went over to my sister in laws and she was all excited to show me what she had gotten and it was an apple computer and man oh man I looked at Ry and he said i could get one I have never been so excited I got it for a smokin deal I'm so excited... Thanks Shell... I stayed up until two thirty in the morning last night just browsing it is so great so more to come HOpe every one is doing great it's one in the morning right now and I have to go to bed. Good Night

Monday, March 2, 2009

Please VOTE!!!!

Please go to and place your vote for my little Oakleigh. She is #4 for the contest, "Love is in the Air". Thank you Thank You Thank You!!!

ShOuT oUtS !!!

This is shell she is super talented you should check out her photography @

My Mother in Law Ann she is Fabulous

My Bro in Law Brayd super talented, Super funny and he is the Best Man for my Twin Mick!!!

I'd like to do a shout out to my Brother in law Brayd, my sister in law shell and my mother in law HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ALL!!!


Well this movie has got to be one of the best movies I have seen in a while. For those who have not seen it yet GO SEE IT!!!
It blows my mind that stuff like this really happens. I know because I transport Juveniles to school or take them home and what not. One we had to set up a "Date" (this little girl was prostituting) So sad and we were taking her home. It was a mess Bless her heart I pray for her that she is ok. But anyways back to the movie it's intense, Great lines, I will NEVER let my kids especially girls go anywhere with out me. Until they have husbands of their own forget it... Ry reminds me a lot of this guy. It awesome let me know you takes on the movie. The ending wasn't a smash for me but the rest I thought was brilliant!!!