Monday, August 24, 2009


So long TEXAS... Well almost...
and I wish... I am so excited we have a week until we are finally going home to Utah and I feel like we should be leaving today I am tired and I will not miss this job at all. It has been so hard and so stressful and so much Drama. I had no idea that GUYS could be that much DRAMA. More so than my beloved Simister Orthodontics that has 17 girls working together and there is NEVER drama there it is the greatest. I am so excited to get back in the swing of things and be back to my old job with the people I love to be around. I have had guys yell in my face and tell me I'm worthless. I have had one dishonest guy after another trying to get me to cheat the system in one way or another and I just nicely tell them NO!!!! I won't do that but this is what you can do... SMILE...
I have dealt with cockiness, pride, crudeness, attitude, all of it and I'm TIRED. I have worked so hard and I am Tired now. But I have been lucky in that I get to have Oaks with me all day and she is the best she is so fun she is starting to play with me and mimick my every move. I love it... SHe is so stinkin cute and my best friend in the world. She gets tired though too. i think she is ready to be in UTah and be with family. Ha Ha
Ryan is not going to be home with us though he is going to be in Virginia for another month. I hope it goes well it will be hard to have him away. I have a lot planned to keep me busy though. Hopefully it goes well so that he can go to schoool in the spring. That will be nice.
Any way one week one week I just keep repeating it in my head.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I can't believe it my baby turned 1 today!!!
It is amazing how fast this year has gone. I can not believe my Oakleigh is 1 years old. She has learned so many things I'm going to recap her year...
As far as I can remember for Journal Purposes...
-Smiled From the Beginning always my smilee girl. Everyone always that she had gas but she still can't stop smiling I Hope she always keeps that personality.
-Laughed at 3 months old. Hard laugh I think I made a face or a funny noise or something..
-Slept on her tummy from a month old. Thank you Mammie...
-Slept in her crib from month 1.
- Never liked her veggies I still try but she won't eat them. Great just like her dad:)
-Ate cereal and baby food at four to six months.
- Sat up, said her first word Dah Dah, and rolled I think all in Jan of 09.
- First time in an airplane at 8 months old
-7 months says momma mostly when she is sad.
-stop taking mom milk all together at 8 months. Thank goodness. She would never take a bottle ever so it was kind of nice for the break but I'm glad I could do that for her for so long.
- Stood at 9 months along the couch.
Talks like crazy.
-9 months Dances to mario bros song
-10 months Dancing all the time.
-10 sings ariel song
-Claps her hands
-11 months stands on her own and then gets scared.
-11 months scared when she gets thrown up in the air.
-12 months stands on her own and dances.
-Walks all over the furniture
- Plays well by her self in her toys, my tampon box, the cupboards, tries to put by blow dryer in the outlet. no good got to start putting those plug safety things in.
-Hates her car seat. Likes to stand and watch daddy drive.
-SAYS NO so well... Oh no ma oh no
-Loves watching cartoons and movies that have music.
-Loves the song Boom Boom Pow
-Is super flexible
-Loves being with her mommy all the time no matter what I am doing.
-loves snuggling her daddy
-loves being praised and loved
-loves the bath tub and waving to all her animals as she gets out of the tub and wants to run all over the bed when I try and get her ready for bed.

For her birthday we went and got her all dressed up and got pictures taken of her we had to settle for the picture people here in texas. We love that we get spoiled at home. But they did a pretty good job!!! We spent a pretty penny but that's ok it's totally worth it. As soon as I can figure out how to post those pictures I will cause they are all blown up and printed so if any one knows how to do that it would be great. Oh she had breakfast too. while at the pictures she dug into her birthday cake and boy she didn't waste any time. She just went at it she demolished the cake... But I still tasted it and it was so good. Ha ha I love the FROSTING the BEST.
Then while they were finishing the pictures editing them and such we went over to the BUILD A BEAR and Oak was so cute she kept laughing at all the bears. Hugging wach one and kissing them on the nose. Then she decided on her bear tough decision between that and a bunny rabbit that was so soft. But because we were at Build a Bear she went with that. Then we kissed the heart and she stuffed the bear which was super loud and scared her she was crawling all over Ryan trying to get away from the noise then, we washed the bear. We tried to pick up clothes for it and Oak just kept pushing the clothes away. So Simple and easily pleased I'm so thankful for that about her then we left and picked up the pictures. We had the hardest time deciding and then left. Oak was out cold. Mouth open and everything. So stinkin cute. We now are at work for the Duration of the day. We will play and then tonight she get a lunchable which she picked out all oner her own and was just so excited about it. We'll see if she actually eats it though. We love you Oakleigh and we are so blessed and thankful to have you in our home. We are excited for this next year how fun it will be to see how you grow this year and the new things you will learn.

Her is some pictures of OAK... Old and NEW