Thursday, December 31, 2009


What a wonderful Christmas it has been this year...
We started it all by meeting at Deyton's Graveside to wish him a merry christmas. it was really neat. Klay prayed, Rance sang, Derek and Kiss both shared their thoughts and then they gave each of us a picture of Deyton,then Cassidy and Adam gave them a book that we all had written things about Deyton and the time that we all got to be with him. Kiss shared a poem that a boy had written write before he died of cancer and it was about this boy sharing Christmas with Jesus. Deyton we sure miss you and love you. I wish we could have watched you open your presents this year and watch you light up and smile as your mom showed you the lights and jingles each toy made. As I watched the other kids ( all of your cousins) I thought of you. I can only imagine how your mommy and daddy felt. And even though they miss you so much. How proud they are that you get to spend Christmas with Jesus this year...

Christmas this year was at Ry's mom and dads this was christmas eve.
We had a dinner that is a Tradition at Grandma and Grandpa Wrights house which is a fondue dinner and then we cleaned it all up and opened Jammies and then we had a talent show Oak danced I have video of it but it won't import to my computer still have to figure that one out and then we went around and looked at the light anticipating Santa's Arrival it was a great Christmas eve...

What could be better than Popcorn and Christmas Jams...

Surprise Jammies

Ry loves them!!! Jordan Jams

More Pictures of Christmas to come. But for now we are headed up north to Help Mick and Brade move into their new home. HaPpY NeW YeAr EvErYoNe!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas to us... Let the posting Begin!!!

So We saved all our moneys and we are getting big stuff for Christmas this year... SO exciting we got a camera... Because the one from Ry's mission well it got honey in it I let oak play with it... oops:(
But she is not allowed to play with this one. it's so nice and we are so excited to take pictures again... With out a wind up camera... Neat

A Tender Picture

This is such a sweet picture of my mom. I was looking through the pictures of Oak being born and this one brought tears to my eyes. I didn't even know she was there until after Oak was born(my mom). She had gone home to shower made it home and had a feeling to come right back. She watched Oak be born but kind of behind a curtain. I said I was so sorry because I thought she had missed it all but she said I was in the perfect spot just where I needed to be. She explained it just the way I can imagine it will be when and if I get to watch my daughter have a baby. Never wanting them to feel pain or heart ache or sorrow. It's a pain that you can't understand until you have been through it and it's a pain you can't take away or help that person stop feeling until it's done. She said all I wanted to do was to take that pain away from you and I couldn't. She just cried... I love you mom this picture is so tender because you can see the love and joy in her face.

Friday, November 13, 2009

It's about time...

It has been a crazy few weeks I don't have a camera but I'm still going to post a little something. I am loving this time of year the smells of Pumpkin spice and baked goods the colors of the leaves the weather is getting colder which means cute hoodies.
My Oaks is getting bigger every minute she is just growing up.A lot lately I have been thinking about baby #2 and when is the best and RIGHT time for us to start trying again NO TIME SOON but at least it's a thought for me and that is progress...
But baby #1 is keeping me plenty busy. I have been working a lot lately but every second I can be with her I just am loving it. Her newest thing these days is going to drive me crazy though. We have to make sure all the doors are closed to the Bathroom because she loves to play in the potty little hands in the toilet flickering about!!!
The other night I was washing my face and she snuck in and she had gone over to the toilet so mid face wash soap in my eyes and all I ran over to get her out not only were her little cute pudggy hands in the potty but in that little hand was MY RETAINER!!!
Can you believe it!!! Sick so I quickly took it out of her hands closed the lid I couldn't help but laugh and proceeded to sanitize my retainer to no end SICK!!!
Thanks Oaks for the added protein to my retainer. Kids do the Darndest things.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm getting the internet this week

So I know it has been a while since I have posted anything but I am no longer going Robber Style. Cheating the internet off a neighbor we are actually getting the internet so I will be posting more and I know I have said it before but I promise it will get better. I need to post oaks birthday and the marathon and how hot my Husband is and how cute my baby girl is so this week lots of pictures. Your welcome Mikki:) Ha Ha
Looking forward to it

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Well we are oficially home and we are so happy. RY flies out to Virginia for one month left of selling on Thursday and I'm sad but I'm excited for him and I hope it goes so well. He is just so wonderful and I am so proud of him and how hard he works for our family. Thanks bay bay I love you.
So my post today is really to see if any one know of some great rental places. Since we moved back from Texas we are kind of homeless. My family in law are so welcoming and we are living at their house right now but we would love to have a place of our own. We have looked everywhere and can't seem to find what we are looking for. And they are everywhere. Some are ghetto though eek!!! We want a 3 bedroom so we have enough room for all of us and lets be honest we have a lot of stuff I never knew how much we had until we moved this last time and I don't want to pay for a storage unit any more.
I need any office too that will be the third bedroom for all of my business stuff.

So please if you know of any great places or great deals let me know!!!


Monday, August 24, 2009


So long TEXAS... Well almost...
and I wish... I am so excited we have a week until we are finally going home to Utah and I feel like we should be leaving today I am tired and I will not miss this job at all. It has been so hard and so stressful and so much Drama. I had no idea that GUYS could be that much DRAMA. More so than my beloved Simister Orthodontics that has 17 girls working together and there is NEVER drama there it is the greatest. I am so excited to get back in the swing of things and be back to my old job with the people I love to be around. I have had guys yell in my face and tell me I'm worthless. I have had one dishonest guy after another trying to get me to cheat the system in one way or another and I just nicely tell them NO!!!! I won't do that but this is what you can do... SMILE...
I have dealt with cockiness, pride, crudeness, attitude, all of it and I'm TIRED. I have worked so hard and I am Tired now. But I have been lucky in that I get to have Oaks with me all day and she is the best she is so fun she is starting to play with me and mimick my every move. I love it... SHe is so stinkin cute and my best friend in the world. She gets tired though too. i think she is ready to be in UTah and be with family. Ha Ha
Ryan is not going to be home with us though he is going to be in Virginia for another month. I hope it goes well it will be hard to have him away. I have a lot planned to keep me busy though. Hopefully it goes well so that he can go to schoool in the spring. That will be nice.
Any way one week one week I just keep repeating it in my head.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I can't believe it my baby turned 1 today!!!
It is amazing how fast this year has gone. I can not believe my Oakleigh is 1 years old. She has learned so many things I'm going to recap her year...
As far as I can remember for Journal Purposes...
-Smiled From the Beginning always my smilee girl. Everyone always that she had gas but she still can't stop smiling I Hope she always keeps that personality.
-Laughed at 3 months old. Hard laugh I think I made a face or a funny noise or something..
-Slept on her tummy from a month old. Thank you Mammie...
-Slept in her crib from month 1.
- Never liked her veggies I still try but she won't eat them. Great just like her dad:)
-Ate cereal and baby food at four to six months.
- Sat up, said her first word Dah Dah, and rolled I think all in Jan of 09.
- First time in an airplane at 8 months old
-7 months says momma mostly when she is sad.
-stop taking mom milk all together at 8 months. Thank goodness. She would never take a bottle ever so it was kind of nice for the break but I'm glad I could do that for her for so long.
- Stood at 9 months along the couch.
Talks like crazy.
-9 months Dances to mario bros song
-10 months Dancing all the time.
-10 sings ariel song
-Claps her hands
-11 months stands on her own and then gets scared.
-11 months scared when she gets thrown up in the air.
-12 months stands on her own and dances.
-Walks all over the furniture
- Plays well by her self in her toys, my tampon box, the cupboards, tries to put by blow dryer in the outlet. no good got to start putting those plug safety things in.
-Hates her car seat. Likes to stand and watch daddy drive.
-SAYS NO so well... Oh no ma oh no
-Loves watching cartoons and movies that have music.
-Loves the song Boom Boom Pow
-Is super flexible
-Loves being with her mommy all the time no matter what I am doing.
-loves snuggling her daddy
-loves being praised and loved
-loves the bath tub and waving to all her animals as she gets out of the tub and wants to run all over the bed when I try and get her ready for bed.

For her birthday we went and got her all dressed up and got pictures taken of her we had to settle for the picture people here in texas. We love that we get spoiled at home. But they did a pretty good job!!! We spent a pretty penny but that's ok it's totally worth it. As soon as I can figure out how to post those pictures I will cause they are all blown up and printed so if any one knows how to do that it would be great. Oh she had breakfast too. while at the pictures she dug into her birthday cake and boy she didn't waste any time. She just went at it she demolished the cake... But I still tasted it and it was so good. Ha ha I love the FROSTING the BEST.
Then while they were finishing the pictures editing them and such we went over to the BUILD A BEAR and Oak was so cute she kept laughing at all the bears. Hugging wach one and kissing them on the nose. Then she decided on her bear tough decision between that and a bunny rabbit that was so soft. But because we were at Build a Bear she went with that. Then we kissed the heart and she stuffed the bear which was super loud and scared her she was crawling all over Ryan trying to get away from the noise then, we washed the bear. We tried to pick up clothes for it and Oak just kept pushing the clothes away. So Simple and easily pleased I'm so thankful for that about her then we left and picked up the pictures. We had the hardest time deciding and then left. Oak was out cold. Mouth open and everything. So stinkin cute. We now are at work for the Duration of the day. We will play and then tonight she get a lunchable which she picked out all oner her own and was just so excited about it. We'll see if she actually eats it though. We love you Oakleigh and we are so blessed and thankful to have you in our home. We are excited for this next year how fun it will be to see how you grow this year and the new things you will learn.

Her is some pictures of OAK... Old and NEW

Sunday, July 26, 2009

DeYtOn KaSh SoReNsOn

This is Ry and I's sweet nephew Deyton Kash Sorenson.
Tears are streaming down my face as I write this post today. My heart is filled with Love, pain, heartache, confusion, and peace. I received a text from Krystal Deytons mom while I was out for my morning run on Tuesday that there son was coming that day. I was so excited for them. If any one knows Krystal and Derek they are two of the neatest, strongest, and greatest individuals I have ever met. Krystal is the best mommmy and Derek the Proudest dad as you can see in this picture of Derek and Deyton below. He was born on Tuesday night and he weighed 8 lbs 6 oz. and IDENTICAL TO HIS DADDY. Kiss didn't have any medicine or anything while delivering him. That is unbelievable to me. We wished we could have been there. I received a call from Ryan on Wed saying that Lisa would be calling in a minute with worry in his voice. I quickly became concerned and he shorty explained that Deytons heart had not been fully developed and that they were life flying him up to Primary Childrens Hospital. He hung up and Within seconds Lisa called and explained it to me a little more in detail. My heart broke. I began to sob and then pulled it together so that Ry and I could say a prayer for Deyton and his mom and dad. We felt Helpless as we are so Far away in Dallas. We got tickets and headed to the Airport. We were flying stand by and we were bumped off of so many flights it was so discouraging Thursday passed and then We tried again the following day. I just knew how important it was for Ry to get to Utah to support is Little Sister. I Kept praying and praying that we would get on a flight. We finally made it to Utah and to the Hospital. We imediatley went in the room to see them. Kiss and Ry embraced and I went over to hug Derek and he looked me in the eyes and said this is my BOY. I lost it.... It sure is Derek. What a proud dad. We sat there for a while and chatted and were given more details there were two choices one a heart transplant, which wouldn't guarantee anything he would probably spend his whole life in the hospital or they take him home and enjoy every minute that they had with them. That night at 9:00 they gave him a name and a blessing. I have never listened and been present for a stronger blessing. Derek was very in tune with our Heavenly Father. They decided to take Deyton home. What a hard decision but it was so right and you could feel that in the room. We stuck around until about midnight and then went to the hotel. The next morning we went back and they were getting him already to go home. You could tell on Derek and Krystal's faces just how at peace they were and excited that they were taking their little tough guy home. They arrived home in St. George with a welcome sign and balloons and family there to greet them. They go to bathe him and took pictures he got to be in his room. Ry and I had to split and he went down to St. George and I came back here to get things taken care of and so this morning I was at the Airport about to get on the airplane and Ry called saying not to get on the plane and to come to St. George. I didn't know what to do but I felt like I should come home and then go back when things were taken care of here. When I arrived home I called Ry and Deyton had been fighting for his life. Kiss and Derek just kept repeating to him that it was ok to go home. He went home to Our Heavenly father at 11:10 this morning. I completely broke down at the airport. Derek, Kiss and Deyton. I want you to know how much Ry Oak ad I love you guys. Thank you for your example and strength. For your testimonies and your unwavering faith. I can just imagine those that were there to greet him. He came to earth to do what he needed to. To gain a body and Return to our Heavenly Father. I'm sure he is telling everyone how wonderful it was and what incredible parents he has. Thank you Deyton for being a light in our lives. WE LOVE YOU. LOVE YOUR UNCLE RYAN AND MANDI AND COUSIN OAKLEIGH

Saturday, July 18, 2009

This WEEK I had to be a single mom!!!

This week my husband was not home at all. They made the guys go to a new Area in Wichita Falls TX which is about two and a half hours away from here so they just got hotels. I am so thankful that I have my sweet Ryan. This job has definetly been a challenge to me. I get discouraged and feel down. Message to Oak: Thanks for putting up with mommy even though i get a little frustrated and why you ask? I have no idea you are perfect and you sit in the office all day long and never complain about anything. You sometimes get a little bored but you are so cute. YOu usually find something to do even if is just playing with an empty box. YOur the best I love you Oak. Jess you are wonderful as well. My little sis is out here and she helps keep me sane she is always so willing to help or to listen or to hug me when I cry even though sometimes I don't want a hug. I'm kind of a brat. But I am trying so hard. Thanks for all who have put up with me this last little while. My GOAL for this next week patience. and not to get discouraged. Only a few more weeks. We can do it!!!! Here are some pictures from this week...

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I want to wish my twin a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Where do I even begin to describe how much I love and respect this WOMAN.
Mick has been my other half forever. She is my best friend, she makes me laugh on a daily basis. Whether she be dancing, singing little funny songs, telling me about her day, quoting movies, talking about michael jackson, she is so FUNNY!!!
She is REAL, mick doesn't sugar coat anything she is very real with you. I love and admire that about her. She always has great advice. Sometimes I don't want to always hear it because I am stubborn and think my way is correct she is usually one hundred percent correct. She is determined. She has so many talents, whether it be scrapbooking, home decorating, cooking, sports, dancing, clothes buying she has the greatest sense of style, loving- the girl is a lover and is so passionate about her everything. She is so talented and has the "EYE" behind the lense. She is so sweet and would do anything for any one. She is the best Aunt she wants a picture of Oak everyday and tells me how much she loves her. She will be the best mommy in the world. I am so excited for when that day comes cause those kids are going to be so lucky. As I write this post I am crying because I miss my Mick, She is shooting a wedding today on her birthday and I hope that goes well and that she gets to do something fun tonight. Mick I love you here are lots of Pictures like you requested. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

This is our birthday last year OH MY GOSH... ha ha ha

K mick there are your pictures for now HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Friday, July 10, 2009

Oak loves her bear.

This was my bear I think my mom and dad got it for me. Any way my mom was going to throw it away and we decided to take it home. Boy am I glad we did Oaks loves it she plays with her bear and her baby all the time. She is all girl for sure. Even today when I laid her down for her nap she started to fuss and I put her bear right next to her and told her it was taking a nap and she snuggled up right to it and she to fell asleep.

It's birthday week!!!

Well it's birthday week (as micka calls it) and at the request of Aunt Mikki we are blogging for the second day in a row. Just wait until tomorrow aunt Mick-
I use this as my journal as well so here is an update on what Oak is up to these days. She is the cutest girl in the world. She laughs a lot. She will see an animal or a picture and she will go this little laugh it is so funny. This past sunday in Relief society we had just listened to a great lesson and then it was time to bare testimonies. And this lady was up there baring her soul and Oak was laughing this goofy little laugh and I was trying so hard not to laugh. I started to look around trying to figure out what she was laughing at and it was this little frog on this car seat she just thought he was the funnniest little toad. I felt so bad I apologized and then shared my testimony. She is singing lots. All kinds of fun songs. Her favorite the little mermaid. Sing to me aaaa, aaaa, aaaa. She dances. I'll sing Shake shake shake, shake your booty and she moves her cute little body. And the other song is Boom Boom Pow? I think it's called by the black eyed peas. I'll go... Boom boom boom sissy go boom boom boom and she loves it and she dances. Bobbin her head and moving her arms from side to side. She loves to EAT, her favorites are, chicken nuggets, bananas which she ends up painting everything around her with it. She loves gold fish and pretzels. And sometimes fruit snacks. She likes tater tots too!!! Ice cream she gets sour cold face and then she loves it.
One of her other favorite things to do is when I am trying to change her bum she thinks it is a game and wants to run around on the bed. I'll say I'm going to get you and she will laugh so hard and then face plant it as she tries to go faster on the bed. most of the time she is bare bummed and she gets going and her cute little booty gets a shakin. She is so great!!!
She loves her dad. We don't get to see him until right before bed and she gets so excited when she sees him and then she just wants to hold him and she falls asleep in his arms. It is so cute it melts my heart.

These cute pictures are of her eating some fruit she has so much personality and she is trying to talk so much it is adorable!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oak is such a trooper. Everyday she goes to work with me. And it's the same thing over and over but the newest thing she does is hides by the shipping boxes she loves it under there it is so cute she cracks me up. Thanks Oaks for sticking it out everyday!!! I love you sweet girl

Friday, June 12, 2009

We went to the JFK memorial while Jaksyn and Ann were here and it was so crazy. I can't believe that it happened he was a great man and a great president. The whole situation is so surreal to me. It's amazing that they haven't figured it all out yet on who killed him. Someday... Bless his wifes heart though. When it all happened and his cute kids. Kind of interesting to see if you ever get the chance.