Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Well we are oficially home and we are so happy. RY flies out to Virginia for one month left of selling on Thursday and I'm sad but I'm excited for him and I hope it goes so well. He is just so wonderful and I am so proud of him and how hard he works for our family. Thanks bay bay I love you.
So my post today is really to see if any one know of some great rental places. Since we moved back from Texas we are kind of homeless. My family in law are so welcoming and we are living at their house right now but we would love to have a place of our own. We have looked everywhere and can't seem to find what we are looking for. And they are everywhere. Some are ghetto though eek!!! We want a 3 bedroom so we have enough room for all of us and lets be honest we have a lot of stuff I never knew how much we had until we moved this last time and I don't want to pay for a storage unit any more.
I need any office too that will be the third bedroom for all of my business stuff.

So please if you know of any great places or great deals let me know!!!



Shanan & baby #2 said...

thats so fun that your back! if you lookin for a place and wanna use a realtor talk to jeremy larkin at keller williams.He is awesome!!

Hilary F. said...

We have found some great deals on the classified ads at They have everything from office furniture to home rentals. It might be a little harder if you are looking in St. George, but still worth a try!
Good luck!

Five Girls and A Guy said...

There is a house for rent in my neighborhood. I think it is a 3 bedroom but I am not sure how much the rent is if you want I can get the number on the sign a you can call on it
I am excited to get to start working with you again. I missed you!

Andee and Steve Ott said...

My dad's apartments are 3 bed, 2 bath. He has 2 apartments left and both are getting new tile floors and carpets this week. If I remember right they are between $700-$900 a month. I dunno how much for sure. You know the ones, right next to the college. Call my sister Jules and you can atleast look at it 628-8140. Muah! Hope you find a home soon you lil bum!

Long Family said...

Are you back in St. George???

photography by Mikki said...

Brade found tons of stuff on Craigslist...we can do more research this weekend when you come up to see us. Hope you find something soon!


Well there is the place that we just moved out of for $875 and then the landlord said there is another one in coral canyon for $850. Derek and I looked on Craigslist. There is tons on there! Love ya!

Blake and Erin said...

There's tons of great rentals in Orem!! You should come check it out! :)

Justin and Elsie Walker Family said...

Hey Mandi, It was great to see you at Swiss Days. Hope it went well. And good luck finding a place. We always seem to get ripped off. Otherwise I would give you advice, but I haven't figured out the best way to find good deals on nice places.So double good luck! Elsie

Mickell said...

Hey I know this is totally random, but I saw you at Swiss days and was wondering if you have a site that you sell your cute stuff? I want some of those cute leg warmers, i should have bought stuff that day. I was just too hot and distracted by my million kids :)

thanks Mickell (hafen) westbrook

here is my email

Will you email any info on how to get a hold of you :)