Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm Ready... Can she come Now?

I'm ready for her to come... For all who have been pregnant before they will know what I am going through ... I am now finally getting to that point(which really could be to soon) but I'm ready for her to be here. Nights are starting to get so tough... I'm sweating to death she feels like she is going to pop out of my belly button... I've just eaten thanksgiving and can't get comfortable ever... NO WONDER WE LOVE OUR KIDS SO MUCH!!! With everything you go through HOly Crap!!! Last night for instance... I finally laid down around 10:30, and thought great a good night sleep... Right... Then at 2:30 Ry comes to bed...He tries to snuggle me. Which to him is putting his leg over mine... :) which I immediatley call out you can't do that I'm roasting to death. Then the whining begins. I run into the bathroom where I proceed to drench my hair with water, blow my nose which doesn't help at all it's stuffed and it's staying that way... We have the fan on in our room, Ry is so cute, he's asking all these questions , while running around closing all the vents so all the air is just blowing in our room... Do you need a drink of water? no (whining continues) do you need more pillows? no ( now I'm back in the room kneeling on the floor head on the bed still whining) Drama... Drama... Drama... Did you take unisom? (which supposedly helps you sleep and is ok to use during pregnancy) No!!! I don't know what I need!!! I just want her out!!! he gives me a hug and we climb in to bed.... He is such a trooper (i'm still whining at this point)... Finally I fall asleep... Kind of until you get up five times to pee through out the night...What a joy this is to be Pregnant... Thank you Ryan for always putting up with me and loving me through it all. And how sad that this is just preparing us for when she does get here and wants to eat every two hours... To Bad Ry's nipples don't work the same as mine!!! Ha ha