Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hello is anybody home?

It was such a great sunday. Great talks at church as much as I could listen.. Oaks kind of has a hard time at church. Any way then took great naps. We went for a walk at the temple. Oak pulled one of the flowers off of the bush I felt bad but then she put it back:) Then we walked up the big stairs when we got to the top she knocked on the doors and waited and knocked again. She looked so confused that no one was coming out to greet her today. That people don't open those big doors. I felt bad but then I told her that it was Jesus's and Heavenly fathers house and she seemed cool with that:) and we went back down the stairs. So much to teach her about the church it so much fun though to explain little things to her and see her reactions to it all. She is getting so big.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jazz Game

So for Ryans birthday we went up north and ate at Tucano's one of our fav's the meat is delicious!!! Then we went to the Jazz vs. New Orleans game. Even though we were up high. Ryan loved every minute of it we all had fun shirts and Jerseys on. It was a fun night as a family. The jazz won the game. Next time we go to a game though we are getting court side tickets and it will be a team like the lakers suns or Celtics or something that is an actual real team. We love those close games that are so exciting you know. Sorry if any of you reading are New Orleans fanz... The very end picture of the three guys that talk after the game I thought I was going to be so chill when the camera hit over the fans and just wave and say hi. Oh no the camera hit and it was on I was making faces and waving crazy. I don't even know if I made the shot but seriously mand I just know someday I am going to meet some one that i am a total fan of and I'm going to act like a total idiot. Michael Jackson for instance if I ever could have met him I know I would have been one of the screaming fanz that probably would have passed out. Oh great. But it was so much fun to go to the game and do something that Ryan LOVES...

Me too Oaks Me too.

I was blow drying my hair yesterday and Oaks was standing there by me and then she found my bra on the ground and was trying to put in on then she got frustrated and started to get sad. It was so darn cute...
I know how you feel Oak it doesn't fit me right anymore either. Thanks to having a baby this "girls" will never be the same. I think it should just be written law when you are all done with babies. It all gets fixed at no cost. Good job moms you Deserve a reward a FULL BODY MAKEOVER... :) Wouldn't that be great!!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Tender things to Remember

The other day Oaks and I were talking about the scriptures and Jesus and then I mentioned Heavenly fathers name and I looked down at her and she had folded her arms and put her head down and closed her eyes like she was ready for the Prayer. I was so tender to me because she related Heavenly fathers name to Prayer. I just love her she is so innocent and so sweet and wants to learn so much. Sometimes I don't think she is listening but this was a definite blow that she is listening and she is learning from everything I say. I love you oaks thanks for being my little sweetheart. You melt my heart daily and I am so thankful to be your mommy.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy really Late Birthday to you...

Makin a wish...

We were on the HCG diet during Ryan's birthday this year. So this is all the cake he got and he is amazing and didn't even it that much.

This year I didn't know what to get Ryan I had debated an Xbox 360 for so long and went all over looking for one. For the past three years and then I just haven't gotten one and each year he is equally disappointed. Well I thought for sure I was going to get him one and then at the last second decided not to and I just asked his buddy if we could borrow his and then I rented some games. Well I got home that night and accidentally told Ryan that I rented the games OOps and he thought that maybe I had bought the x box but I hadn't. I could see the disappointment yet again for another year running. I asked him if he really wanted one and he said yes. Sooo... We bought an X box. happy flippin Birthday. Those things are expensive but he has put it to great use. The other night I came home from working out and he had his head set on and was playing LIVE. I just laughed. Stood there and laughed he had the cutest look on his face. He looked so Dorky but I just love him. and glad he has something fun to do. But it's been balanced so I am totally cool with it as long as he is still being active Working out and getting things done when they need to be done then hey he can have a relaxing time too right?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

This is for Rachel!!!

These pictures are old they are from the fourth of July when we were in Texas. But I thought I should still post them. We all look so different now wow. oaks is getting so big. Ry has lost a ton of weight and I am no longer blond I went to Red hair and have also lost some weight. Crazy but it's fun to look back. The fourth was lots of fun we hung out at the Parade that was not that good of a parade it was kind of boring. That night we went to this carnival place and hung out with our dear friends Amy and Justin and their daughters Bailey and Hadlee we watched the Fireworks that night with a couple others from AMP. Good night and then we had to get out of the parking lot and that took us at leat an hour and a half. Happy Really late fourth of July. Oaks is awake so I'm out.

This is Oaks and Claire in the tub they are such funny little friends. Claire is such a good girl just loves to run around and talk and play with toys. Oaks likes to take what ever toy Claire has and Claire is so nice she usually lets her unless it is something she really watns to play with. i am trying so hard to help Oakleigh to know we can't just take toys away from people. It is a process and we are trying...

It's true. I love to blog stalk as well and no one is posting any more especially me. I have been trying lately to post and then something will go wrong with my computer and so then I just quit for a while but I am posting for my dear friend Rach today.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Well today is easter it is about eight in the morning and I am the only one up of course. Ry and I fell asleep to playing x box 360. A car game that I am not very good at but I am going to practice and surprise him with my skills. I am so excited for Oaks to wake up for her to see her easter basket. Holidays are so fun for me I just love it.
Ok so I am going to update on the last month here it goes I have been putting it off for some time because I don't want to have to wait for the pictures to load on to my computer lame but it just takes to long...

Went to Kelli and Taylor's Cabin at the first of March and it was so much fun to just hang out and relax. The next morning Kelli made french toast and homemade syrup it was really yummy. Thanks for the good time you guys.

The day after the Cabin Ry surprised me and took my down to Vegas for Our anniversary. Earlier that week I was looking through our bank statement and found something on there for it and I decided not to say anything cause I know he was trying to surprise me. i thought we were staying at the Bellagio but even better we stayed at the Residence inn which I love because it has free breakfast buffet YUM and it's like a little house. We did some shopping we went to the Vegas Swap meet and boy was that Ghetto wow and then we went to a couple different malls. We went to dinner and this place called RA I love sushi and Ry was so cute to go there.
Then we went to the Bellagio for the O show and it was amazing. People diving all over in water and bending back wards in half wild it was a very good show. The next morning we at lots of yummy breakfast and then got back to the room and just laid around all morning we fell back asleep for a while and that was so nice to just relax and then I got sick really sick Probably because we are doing HCG and I at way to much while we were down there. Such a fun trip it made me feel so special that Ry would do all of that for me. He is so thoughtful and sweet. Just thinking about him right now makes me smile. Thank you babe for making our trip so special...

Oaks and I were shopping at Wal Mart and found these little tiny Pepperonis and decided to make homemade pizza she really like making it and loves the little pepperonis but not the biggest eater but it was still fun.

We are going to get oak for Easter morning so more later I guess. Happy EASTERS!!!