Sunday, April 11, 2010

This is for Rachel!!!

These pictures are old they are from the fourth of July when we were in Texas. But I thought I should still post them. We all look so different now wow. oaks is getting so big. Ry has lost a ton of weight and I am no longer blond I went to Red hair and have also lost some weight. Crazy but it's fun to look back. The fourth was lots of fun we hung out at the Parade that was not that good of a parade it was kind of boring. That night we went to this carnival place and hung out with our dear friends Amy and Justin and their daughters Bailey and Hadlee we watched the Fireworks that night with a couple others from AMP. Good night and then we had to get out of the parking lot and that took us at leat an hour and a half. Happy Really late fourth of July. Oaks is awake so I'm out.

This is Oaks and Claire in the tub they are such funny little friends. Claire is such a good girl just loves to run around and talk and play with toys. Oaks likes to take what ever toy Claire has and Claire is so nice she usually lets her unless it is something she really watns to play with. i am trying so hard to help Oakleigh to know we can't just take toys away from people. It is a process and we are trying...

It's true. I love to blog stalk as well and no one is posting any more especially me. I have been trying lately to post and then something will go wrong with my computer and so then I just quit for a while but I am posting for my dear friend Rach today.

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Kevin, Rachel & Claire said...

hahahaha when I saw the title of this on my update list I laughed so hard! Thank you for updating! It's about time. I love you. By the way, Ry isnt the only one who has lost a ton of weight since the 4th. You look amazing! Thanks for the post!