Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hello is anybody home?

It was such a great sunday. Great talks at church as much as I could listen.. Oaks kind of has a hard time at church. Any way then took great naps. We went for a walk at the temple. Oak pulled one of the flowers off of the bush I felt bad but then she put it back:) Then we walked up the big stairs when we got to the top she knocked on the doors and waited and knocked again. She looked so confused that no one was coming out to greet her today. That people don't open those big doors. I felt bad but then I told her that it was Jesus's and Heavenly fathers house and she seemed cool with that:) and we went back down the stairs. So much to teach her about the church it so much fun though to explain little things to her and see her reactions to it all. She is getting so big.

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Cameron and Paige said...

That is so cute! Those doors can be confusing for little kids :) Cute post!