Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jazz Game

So for Ryans birthday we went up north and ate at Tucano's one of our fav's the meat is delicious!!! Then we went to the Jazz vs. New Orleans game. Even though we were up high. Ryan loved every minute of it we all had fun shirts and Jerseys on. It was a fun night as a family. The jazz won the game. Next time we go to a game though we are getting court side tickets and it will be a team like the lakers suns or Celtics or something that is an actual real team. We love those close games that are so exciting you know. Sorry if any of you reading are New Orleans fanz... The very end picture of the three guys that talk after the game I thought I was going to be so chill when the camera hit over the fans and just wave and say hi. Oh no the camera hit and it was on I was making faces and waving crazy. I don't even know if I made the shot but seriously mand I just know someday I am going to meet some one that i am a total fan of and I'm going to act like a total idiot. Michael Jackson for instance if I ever could have met him I know I would have been one of the screaming fanz that probably would have passed out. Oh great. But it was so much fun to go to the game and do something that Ryan LOVES...

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