Monday, November 29, 2010


I feel like I'm going to throw up Right now. i am trying so hard to take my mind off of it all. I had surgery on Wed of last week and BOY what a treat it was. I had a screw put in my foot to hold it back together and they cleaned it all out. Dr. Powell is amazing and did a great job. It hasn't swelled up at all which I am so thankful for. I have been drugged up for a week though and I don't like being on Drugs at all I can not imagine getting hooked on this stuff it makes me sick.
I can't put any pressure on my foot for 8 WEEKS that is a really long time. I bet I forget how to walk. My arms sure are going to be strong from crutches.

Things that keep going through my mind. I don't know if it's the Drugs or what. :)

I want to have another baby. I never thought I would say that but I do want one. Even if it's just for the Sake of Oaks I think she needs a sibling. It's not going to happen any time soon but I am FINALLY READY. Now it just seems like every thing else in our family life is not in place.

I keep thinking about presents for everyone for Christmas. I bought some stuff online today and I hope I did good even though I am Drugged.

I think I really am going to THROW UP.

I have been crocheting like a mad woman

Ok enough posting. i better get off this computer before I hurl.
HOpe you all have a great week!!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Always trying to catch up...

I feel like I'm always trying to catch up with this BLOG thing but at least it gets done at one point. It's kind of late to be starting this but I can't sleep. I just found out today that I will need to have Surgery on my foot after all and my heart is broken. I was finally getting in shape doing CROSS FIT and I was seeing the changes in my body... I've had such a hard time the last three months trying to set a goal to get back for my foot to heal. But it hasn't gotten better. My tendon (LIZ FRANK) has ruptured. SO LAME!!!! Well this surgery is for sure going to set me back A LOT. I will be down for 2 weeks and then for 6 weeks after that. I will need to stay off it no pressure on it at all. REALLY???? I don't know how I will do this with a two year old. But she is so great. I know we will have lots of resting time. and indoor time. Christmas activities I guess. Oh I just keep crying I am so sad. THIS TO SHALL PASS RIGHT. Ry was really sweet he just came home and HUGGED me so tight. He sees how sad it makes me feel. My body by the way is going back to crap I have to do something about it... Goal upper body at least. Even though my lower half is what needs it the most. At least they didn't tell me they have to take my foot off right? I will survive...

Here is a little post about the Shark Reef

These pictures are of us when we went to Vegas on a little Family get away and went to the Shark Reef it was really cool. It smelled weird but Oaks loved the Fish and Ry too:) We got to touch the Sting Rays which was pretty cool. I was expecting to see a great white. There wasn't anything that big but it sure was fun to be there. And spend some time together.

My little Princess thinks she can get anything out of the pantry these days. She thinks she is so big and also the KID won't it a darn thing I make.. She covers her mouth and screams. Oh boy am I in for it. I will keep trying I guess if she get hungry enough she will eat correct? Oh please don't be picky forever. You will miss out on so many great foods. Funny the girl will eat Broccoli but not shredded pork, green beans and stuffing. Oh well PATIENCE

Random Family picture at Ryan's works fourth of July Breakfast RY was in Charge of it and it looked great and went really well GOOD JOB SWEETIE.

Oaks figured out how to open my Mascara. Fantastic. Doesn't she look so nice.

More catch up later I better get to bed. Long work day tomorrow...