Friday, July 10, 2009

It's birthday week!!!

Well it's birthday week (as micka calls it) and at the request of Aunt Mikki we are blogging for the second day in a row. Just wait until tomorrow aunt Mick-
I use this as my journal as well so here is an update on what Oak is up to these days. She is the cutest girl in the world. She laughs a lot. She will see an animal or a picture and she will go this little laugh it is so funny. This past sunday in Relief society we had just listened to a great lesson and then it was time to bare testimonies. And this lady was up there baring her soul and Oak was laughing this goofy little laugh and I was trying so hard not to laugh. I started to look around trying to figure out what she was laughing at and it was this little frog on this car seat she just thought he was the funnniest little toad. I felt so bad I apologized and then shared my testimony. She is singing lots. All kinds of fun songs. Her favorite the little mermaid. Sing to me aaaa, aaaa, aaaa. She dances. I'll sing Shake shake shake, shake your booty and she moves her cute little body. And the other song is Boom Boom Pow? I think it's called by the black eyed peas. I'll go... Boom boom boom sissy go boom boom boom and she loves it and she dances. Bobbin her head and moving her arms from side to side. She loves to EAT, her favorites are, chicken nuggets, bananas which she ends up painting everything around her with it. She loves gold fish and pretzels. And sometimes fruit snacks. She likes tater tots too!!! Ice cream she gets sour cold face and then she loves it.
One of her other favorite things to do is when I am trying to change her bum she thinks it is a game and wants to run around on the bed. I'll say I'm going to get you and she will laugh so hard and then face plant it as she tries to go faster on the bed. most of the time she is bare bummed and she gets going and her cute little booty gets a shakin. She is so great!!!
She loves her dad. We don't get to see him until right before bed and she gets so excited when she sees him and then she just wants to hold him and she falls asleep in his arms. It is so cute it melts my heart.

These cute pictures are of her eating some fruit she has so much personality and she is trying to talk so much it is adorable!!!


photography by Mikki said...

oH MY GOSH! How did I not see these. Lipstick queen, and she looks a bit more like you Mand. Oh my- this girl is loaded with personality! I can't wait to see her in a few more weeks. Mand, you are such a great mom- I love the story of her giggling during that testimony:) She is so fun. Sure love you- hope you had a good birthday!

photography by Mikki said...

I just love these. I come to your blog everyday and I just miss you even more. Oak is such a amazing gal, kiss kiss!!!

photography by Mikki said...

I'm going to keep leaving comments on this post every two days, until you do another post.