Sunday, June 20, 2010

HaPpY FaThErS DaY!!!

Happy Fathers Day...
I first of all would like to talk about Ryan the Father of my children the LEADER of our home. He is such a great dad... I don't think I tell him enough just how thankful I am for him.
- He never looses patience.
- He loves Oakleigh unconditionally
- He reads her stories in really funny accents whether it be a leprochaun or a cowboy
- He calls her gorgeous
- He never wants Oak to get dirty especially when her hair is done and she looks cute
- He snuggles her even when he is so tired
- He tickles her and plays with her
- He changes her bum even the poopie ones
- He is really good when he sees me about to break down he just takes over
- He sings to Oak I love when I catch him singing in Japanese to her

Ry is such a great dad to Oak and will be such a great dad with all the rest of our kiddos when they come to our family.
I am one Lucky Gal to have Ryan in my life and so Is Oak...
I know he will always provide, lead, and guide our family.
I love you BF
Love, SF

To My daddy-0,
Thank you for raising me the very best way you knew how. Thank you for coaching me, teaching me, guiding me, pushing me when I wanted to quit, thank you for being me friend, Thank you for everything dad. I love you..

To Rys dad,
Thank you for raising a great son... Thank you for your example, thank you for your kindness and for always being willing to help us out... Thanks for always adjusting my back for your words of advice and for your words of comfort
Love you

To my heavenly Father,
I am crying as I thank my heavenly father in my heart, for the opportunity to come to this world, to know who I am, to have a family, to grow, to gain a testimony, to have choices, To return again to him someday. Thank you heavenly father for all I am learning and for the love you show me...

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