Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Love Month!!!

Gosh so much for keeping up on the posts. I got sick there and then didn't blog for a minute but I have a lot to catch up on so today is the day. It is the first today of Feb. crazy!!!! I love this month it's a short one:) and it's all about love... I don't really love this holiday but I love the decor and colors and I love getting stuff for Ry and now Oak too. It's just fun excuse to make Ry a cute dinner, to eat chocolate and conversation hearts, to get oaks a stuffed animal. This year Ry got me something already he couldn't wait he was to excited!!! It was so darn cute I'll post what it was a little later today and what I made with it:)


Chelsey said...

I too love valentines day. Probably one of my fav's. We alwasys get gifts as spouses and we always get the kids a gift. There is just something about valentines day that make me feel so happy. HAPPY LOVE MONTH!

April said...

Hey Mandi! It was good to see you for a moment at zumba the other day. We should get together sometime and let our girls play! Hope you and your family are doing well and done with being sick! That's no fun, specially when baby is sick. Happy Valentines!