Friday, February 26, 2010

V day

So about two weeks before valentines day Ry came home and was so excited to show me something. Oaks and I were already in the car ready to head out to some adventure and i was a little stressed but he was so excited. He told me to close my eyes so I did. He ran something inside and then came out to get me. This is what I found...

I was super excited... He was even more excited telling me all about it and how long he had planned on getting it... Then he said Happy Valentines Day... And how selfish am I really my initial thought was it's not valentines Day... That better not be it... I feel like a terrible person... He put so much effort into it all... I told him thank you so much and we left... I still was feeling stressed and frustrated that he was late again making a living for a family ( disappointed with myself again) I started to yell at him.. Why? Why do I yell at the man that I love the most in this world... I have so much to work on... I need to humble myself and stop getting so frustrated so easily and so quickly... I have really been working on this lately. I pray for patience. I pray that I am enjoyable to be around. I pray that I don't push away those that I love...
So note to my sweet husband who tries so hard and who probably gets discouraged thinking he can never do anything right and that I don't notice when you do help. I notice your every move the little things you do for our family. When I come home and the floor is vaccumed, when you read to Oak, when you come up behind me when I'm cooking and you hug and kiss me, when you know I am stressed or bugged about something you give me the little hand squeaze, when you empty the dishwasher, the trash, make our bed. When you make me laugh... Oh I love to laugh with you... It's the best. I notice the things you do for me. I'm sorry I get selfish and think of just me... you are so giving and work so hard... Thank you sweetie. I love you... I'm working on me everyday... My dad for valentines day got me the book The Peace giver and it is such a good book I recommend it to all I'm about a third of the way through the book and I am learning so much already.

Oaks got the cutest present from Mee Ma (grandma Ward)

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She got this cute dog and pants and shirt. She gave me the coolest cupcake cookbook I made the frosting for the valentines cookies from it and I love it. i look forward to the times I can make more cupcakes. Thanks mom for getting us stuff for love day. So sweet of her.

Ry and I got Oak the little pig pet shop and a brownie and a Princess wand.


I just got Ry some little things, transformers 2, a card, smoothie V8, fiber bars which he loves.

We were up north for Valentines it was a long ride home that day Oaks was frustrated and wanted to get out of her car seat the whole time... Ry and I were fighting over something so silly I can't even remember what it was but I selfishly brought up that he missed yet another holiday when he really didn't he had done it already two weeks earlier. (mand you selfish turd)
i got home and found these in Oaks crib

So cute... right?
I love this man I am a brat to him and yet he still loves me and can say all those nice things about me. I have truly been humbled this Love day. Thanks Ry for making and effort to make me feel special even if I'm a stinker...


T.I.D.S.A.H. said...

I loved this post!!!! I see alot of myself in your actions also. Love you!!!!

Blake and Erin said...

You're so cute Mand! Don't be so hard on your self... it happens to the best of us!! ;o) I have that same prayer daily!